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May 10 2010

Walleye in Lemon Dill Butter

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12 - 18 Walleye fillets
1/2 pound Salted Butter
3 Fresh Lemons
1 Tablespoon Dill
Old Bay Seasoning

Fillet and skin walleyes, rinse and pat dry.

Slice one lemon thinly and set aside.

Have your camp fire going so your coals and flames are about 8-12 inches below your grate.

Use heavy duty aluminum foil and triple it up for strength (make this large enough to accommodate all filets in a single layer). Use part of butter to layout pats across the foil, generally one or two pats per fillet. Lay fillets on top of butter pats. Season lightly with Old Bay Seasoning.

Melt remaining butter in a small pot and squeeze the juice of two lemons into butter , adding 3/4 of the dill to the mixture. Bring to a simmer and let stand for five minutes.

Pour butter mixture over fillets, place sliced lemon over fillets and sprinkle with remaining dill. Cover with a single sheet of foil sealing tightly and place on grill. After 15 -20 minutes the top should rise up and then poke two small holes to release the steam. Leave on grill five minutes longer. Serve with your normal shore lunch goodies, beans and potatoes and bread.