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Brian in the Kitchen

Listen to Brian in the Kitchen each weekday at 8:10am. Brian in the Kitchen is brought to you by Stittsworth Meats of Bemidji. You can also search the Brian in the Kitchen recipe archives, dating back to 2007.

Brian began cooking in 1997 when a co-worker brought in a pot of chili to the radio station. He thought that he could make that...so he tried to...and it was good! Of course, anything with Jack Daniels in it can't be bad!



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February 15 2011 "Creamy Horseradish"
February 14 2011 "Dijon Mustard"

February 11 2011 "First Class Bleu Cheese Salad"
February 10 2011 "Seafood Stuffed Avocados"
February 9 2011 "Lamb for Lovers"
February 8 2011 "Mediterranean Puff Pastry Chicken"
February 7 2011 "Sage-Chive Steaks with Arugula Salad"

February 4 2011 "Philly brat"
February 3 2011 "Southern Roadhouse BBQ"
February 2 2011 "Sausage and Pepper Medley"
February 1 2011 "German Stuffed Beef Roast with Mustard Sauce"
January 31 2011 "Sausage Gumbo"

January 28 2011 "Grilled Cheese and Sausage Soup"
January 27 2011 "Two Bite Brat Sandwiches"
January 26 2011 "New Orleans Jambalaya"
January 25 2011 "Sweet Sugar Piglets in Honey Blankets"
January 24 2011 "Sunrise Breakfast Casserole Bake"

January 21 2011 "Easy but Decadent Nutella Mousse Recipe"
January 20 2011 "Rack of Lamb with Herbes de Provence and Roasted Tomatoes"
January 19 2011 "Amazing Italian Lemon Butter Chicken"
January 18 2011 "Filet Mignon with Mushroom-Wine Sauce"
January 17 2011 "Skewers of Melon, Prosciutto and Mini Mozzarella"

January 14 2011 "Bacon and Egg Pita Pockets"
January 13 2011 "Chicken And Pepper Salad"
January 12 2011 "Bacon Asparagus And Cheese Sandwich"
January 11 2011 "Baked Italian Sub Sandwich"
January 10 2011 "Cuban Midnight Sandwich"

January 3 2011 "Red Hot Popcorn"

December 31 2010 "Brian's Favorites - Pepper Crusted Bone in Rib-Eye with Tomato-Cilantro Relish and Bbq Red Onions and Texas Toast"
December 30 2010 "Brian's Favorites - Crawfish Etouffee"
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